Sunday, September 20, 2009

NEW Printable Novena Card

To the right, you'll find a new printable card [I created] for when you say the novena. The "novena card" has a picture of St. Jude, the novena, and a table in which you record the days and hours of each recitation. As before, it's discrete, so you can carry it in your pocket, purse or wallet.

Right-click the image and "Save Image As..." to your desktop (or a folder elsewhere in your computer). Print the card. Cut the excess paper from around the card's borders. Fold as you wish.

Let's say you start the novena on the 15th at 7 am. Write the numbers of 9 consecutive days in the 1st row, starting on the 15th and ending on the 23rd (i.e., 15, 16,..., 22, 23). Write the consecutive hours of the day in the 1st column, starting from when you want to begin the novena each day (e.g., 7 [am], 8, 9,..., 4 [pm], 5, 6). When you recite the novena in a given hour, mark the appropriate square. When you've marked 9 squares on a given day, you're done.

I hope this is helpful as you pray to St. Jude.