Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Special Intentions

Make your special intentions to St. Jude, for January, here.

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  1. I have recently lit up my second candle to St Jude Thaddeus to thank him for answering my prayers and starting to grant my requests. I promised as I see his handy work in my life, I will be a devoted daughter & speak of his blessings in my life. This is the first time, i'm posting a message online regarding answered prayers and I've never had the connection I've had with ST Jude with any other Saints. I'm grateful for his guidance in my life & protection of my family. I prayed for our daufhter, my fiance & myself to be one family, to remove quarrels and obstacles, and to finally remove the bumps that have held us back; also my career. He has started to put things together in place but once complete which I believe will be, I will further praise his name and share his grandeur with the world. Thank you ST Jude Thaddeus for being so good to me and show your presence in my life when I needed it the most.