Sunday, March 15, 2009

San Giuda Taddeo (St. Jude Thaddeus) by Bicci di Lorenzo

Bicci di Lorenzo (1373-1452) was an Italian painter and sculptor, active in Florence.


  1. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preseved throughout the world, now and forever Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St Jude worker of miracles, pray for us. Helper of the hopeless, pray for us.

    Thank You. PRR

  2. Oh holy St. Jude, apostle and maryter, great in virtue and in miracles. Near kinsman of Jesus Christ. Faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special help in time of need. To you I have recourse from the depths of my heart and humblely request your assistance. Help me my present and urge petition and in return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. Xks. PrR

  3. AnonymousJune 23, 2010


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