Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28th, Feast of St. Jude Thaddeus

Saint Jude, cousin and friend of our Lord,
Christ chose you to be his Apostle.
You learned from him the message of our salvation.
Join us in our prayers today.

Saint Jude, you helped lay the foundation of Christ's church.
You took the message of Christ's love to many distant place.
Join us in our prayers today.

Saint Jude, you died a martyr for the love of Jesus.
You inspire us by your generous love.
Join us in our prayers today.

Saint Jude, you share the happiness of heaven.
You have sealed forever your friendship with Jesus.
Join us in our prayers today.

Saint Jude, you share the name of Judas who betrayed our Lord, and many have forgotten you.
But we have not forgotten you.
We pray to you, patron of hopeless cases and of those who despair.
We are sinners, but we trust in God's mercy and love.

Intercede for us, that our faith be kept strong in our sorrows and trials.
Help us to see in our troubles God's plan for our salvation.

Intercede with God for us in our present needs.

Join us as we pray in Jesus' name.


Prayer of the Catholic Church of Saint Jude, Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A. Source link here.


  1. Happy Feast Day, St. Jude! Thank you for always assisting those who come to you for help

  2. Holy St Jude, my journey is long and arduous. On your feast day, I thank you for your intercession and prayers on my behalf. Please deliver me from these circumstances and help me to persevere during this journey. Thank you for all of the small signs I receive that you have answered my plea and the calmness I have experienced over the past several weeks. I am confident of a successful outcome.

    In Christ.

  3. i love you saint jude thaddeus..thank you for always being there in times of needs..

  4. happy feast St.Jude..thank you for all the blessings.

  5. roxas familyOctober 27, 2010

    Happy Feast St.Jude, Thank you for hearing our Prayers and for all the blessings.

  6. Happy feast day St Jude,
    I am a desperate a soul who needs your prayers! I am being stalked by my husband after finding out that his son molested my daughter for 3 years. Please pray for me and my daugher I am so afraid for my life!!!
    I need you St Jude!!

  7. Happy Feast Day St. Jude, patron saint of our family for generations. On this, your special day, ironically I parted ways and signed final divorce papers from the abusive 18 year long marriage I was in. Coincidentaly, also October 28th I was blessed at the "meeting of chance" of my current husband several years ago. You have been very much at my side in some of the most significant days of my life.The irony of the "happenings in my life on Oct. 28th" tell me you also seem to know what's best for me. For this I thank you and as I do so I pray that you may see us worthy of our near impossible dream of being blessed with conceiving and having a healthy child together. You have stood by us and guided us many a times. You and our Lord know what wonderful parents we both are. I pray for your guidance, your miracle if that is God's will and your ever presence in our acceptance of it, of being with us in our daily life, as well as in the lives of our already exisiting children. I trust in you!

  8. St Jude, you have certainly assisted me in my last search for a job and it was very nice to see that my prayers were answered when I found such a great job. It was even more astounding to me when I went into my supervisor's office for the first time and I saw that she had a placard of you on her bookcase...that was all the sign I needed to know that you are with me and guiding my way....thank you so much for all the miracles grand and small you have created in my life....

  9. Thank You my Saint Jude for always being there for me and my family, I'm making you known by talking about you to everybody, my grandbabies know you now. Happy Feast Day!!!