Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jude: A Pilgrimage to the Saint of Last Resort

Another good read about St. Jude, Emmy Award-winning journalist Liz Trotta wrote Jude: A Pilgrimage to the Saint of Last Resort in 2005.

From HarperCollins Publishers: "The patron of desperate causes, Saint Jude is best known for his miraculous powers of healing and rescue, and has become a symbol of hope for children with cancer, people with AIDS, and sailors lost at sea. Yet the history of this apostle remains enigmatic and obscure. In this riveting investigation of faith and legend, award-winning journalist Liz Trotta follows in the footsteps of the New Testament's Jude through Italy, Turkey, the lands of old Armenia, and the United States. Part detective story, part pilgrimage, Jude unravels the mysteries of history's most elusive saint and investigates his lasting attraction for those who still believe in the healing powers of faith."

A substantial amount of Ms. Trotta's book currently is available to read on Google Book Search.

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